As your therapist, our relationship will always be based on mutual trust. With patience, empathy, and warmth, I thrive to develop sincere and professional connections with all of my clients. Here are my promises to you:

  • I will always place your safety and well-being first
  • Any information regarding yourself will be strictly confidential, the law of the land notwithstanding
  • Under no circumstances do I knowingly advise my clients to discontinue or alter any course of treatment as prescribed by a Registered Medical Practitioner
  • I will at all time respect your religious, spiritual, political and social views
  • All of my clients are treated with dignity, irrespective of their race, colour, creed, sexual orientation or gender
  • I will never offer false promises
  • Your healing is my priority
  • Our relationship will always be kept appropriate and professional
  • I will always refer you to a Registered Medical Practitioner should the need for a diagnostic arise
  • I will always explain fully either in writing or verbally all the procedures involved in the treatment, and only proceed if   you are comfortable with it