Here is a summary of what I can do for you. Note all of those are available either at my practice in Northwood, at-home, on-line, at the care home or at the hospital. I may require permission from the hospital staff.

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Initial 20 min phone consultation (new clients)FREE
Quality of Life and Recovery Programme
A comprehensive 28-weeks highly personalised therapy and coaching programme. Includes:
- "Eat to Beat Cancer" Programme
- "No-Drugs Pain Relief" Programme
- Onco-Hypnosis. 2 sessions package
- Mind-Body Healing with Mindscaping. 2 sessions package
- Holistic Lifestyle Coaching. 3 Sessions

Available online or in-person
No-Drugs Pain Relief

- Switch-off pain perception with Hypnosis
- Natural strategies to decrease any remaining feelings of discomfort.
Hypnotherapy for Cancer Patients, for:
- anxiety & stress
- nausea & vomiting
- insomnia & fatigue
- healthy eating
... and more.
Mind-body healing with Mindscaping£150
Eat to Beat Cancer Programme.
A 5-weeks nutritional therapy and coaching programme based on a modified ketogenic diet, which will help you:
- Fight cancer from inside
- Enhance your recovery
- Improve your energy levels
- Manage your weight
Oncology Massage with Cannabidiol (CBD) oil.£70 for 1h
£40 for 30 min

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Not a cancer patient? Visit The Home Spa for therapeutic massages, relaxation and weight loss therapies.

For house calls, is the area within which I normally operate.