Hypnotic pain relief in cancer care


3 hours one-on-one with me, available either on-line or in-person, with this medical hypnosis programme you may achieve total immediate relief or progressive relief from any form of chronic pain, treatment pain or any other pain related to your condition.

Important note: new undiagnosed pain will need to have an official diagnosis prior to the sessions.

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3 sessions programme, with no time limit.

Rewire your brain to decrease the perception of pain.

  • Online clients: you will need to have internet access, a free videoconferencing software (either Zoom or Skype), a webcam or the camera of your phone/tablet/laptop (hands free so you won’t drop your phone during hypnosis). You will need to be sitting comfortably and schedule a time free of distractions (such as TV, children or pets).
  • Under 18 years old: I can work with you at the condition that your parents or legal guardians are present during the sessions and visible on the camera.
  • Whilst I can work with a wide range of medical conditions, from back pain, to migraines, to cancer pain, to unexplained pains, and anything in-between, there are however a few contraindication which may restrict or prevent treatment. Contraindications may include schizophrenia, psychosis and psychotic disorders.
  • In some cases the pain signals your body sends you may be an important feedback of something that needs to be addressed, in which case you may need to choose to have an official medical diagnosis first.
  • On the day of treatment, make sure you are sober. Hypnosis does not work so well for people under the influence of alcohol as they struggle to concentrate.
  • I will work with you wherever you are in the world, however bear in mind we may be in different time zones and I work no later than 10pm GMT & no earlier than 7am GMT.