Oncology massage therapy

Massage therapy for cancer patients

Have you noticed how difficult it can be to find a massage therapist who is qualified to massage cancer patients?

Massage is an amazing therapy which can work wonders to help relieve stress, anxiety, decrease pain, offer relaxation, relief from fatigue and nausea, improve sleep and help you feel better. But the treatment needs to be adjusted for people who have or have had cancer, in order to avoid complications.

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I perform all of my oncology massages with my personal blend of high quality massage oils, with cannabidiol (CBD) oil. CBD oil is the subject of intense medical research as a complementary therapy for cancer patients, with a lot of promising results in terms of pain reduction, management of cancer side-effects, stress reductions and others.

Before you book

Oncology massage is very different to a standard spa massage or therapeutic massage. Oncology massage is adjusted to everyone’s special requirements and condition, and would be as light as you wish. It can be performed sitting and/or through clothing if that is more convenient for you. It is also typically shorter in duration than a standard swedish massage routine, about 30-40 min at most, sometime less.

There is a number of contraindication which may restrict or prevent treatment. Contraindications may include contagious disease, severe immunodeficiency, deep vein thrombosis, severely depressed platelet counts, etc.

What to expect

I offer at-home service, and I operate in a 10 mile radius from Northwood, Middlesex. You will be responsible to arrange suitable premises. If you are able to lay down on my massage table, I will need 4×7 foot of floor space. Alternatively I can offer a seated massage, all you will need is a chair for you to sit down and ideally a table to lean against. You need to book at a time where you will be free from interruptions and I expect you to switch off your TV.

Alternatively, I also offer my services from a salon in Northwood.

I will start by a short questionnaire to understand your condition. A signature from you (or someone who can sign on your behalf) will be required.

Full payment is due at the end of the first session. I accept cash, most credit or debit cards & paypal pre-pay (in which case a link will be sent after your booking). The cost is for a 1h session (for the first session, that is including the initial 15 min questionnaire), and the cost will be reduced pro-rata to the duration of the session (minimum chargeable 30 min, £40).

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Oncology massage