Are you living with cancer? Do you suffer from:

  • Anxiety or stress?
  • Nausea or vomiting?
  • Insomnia or fatigue?
  • Uncontrolled unhealthy habits?
  • Cachexia or excessive weight gain?

Hypnosis in Cancer Care

Onco-hypnosis, also known sometimes as hypno-oncology, is the use of hypnosis as an adjunct therapy for cancer patients. 

Hypnotherapy is a very powerful tool with a 300 years written history, and some primitive form of hypnosis has been used in rituals since we were still hunter-gatherers aeons ago. Yet nowadays, most people associate therapeutic hypnosis with either smoking cessation, phobias or weight loss. And indeed, those are traditional uses for the therapy, have been used by many people with some tremendous success. And yet, the potential of hypnosis is barely scratched with those.

Hypnosis is easily one of the most misunderstood therapies there is. It is a totally natural mental state where, rather than a loss of control, you gain control over the faculties of your brain to which you don’t normally have access. All of us “do” hypnosis at some point or another of our lives, quite frequently on a daily basis. 

Have you ever been so absorbed into an amazing movie or a gripping video game that you didn’t see the time pass? That is hypnosis. Have you ever driven all the way home only to realise you didn’t pay real attention to the road? That his hypnosis too. Have you ever been mesmerised at a burning log fire or a river, or the waves of the sea crashing ashore? Hypnosis again.

As a medical hypnotist, I may be able to help you with any of those above symptoms. Just click the “start now” button to book a single session with me, or book a free online or phone consultation first by clicking:

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Hypnosis helps natural cancer healing

Onco-hypnosis for anxiety and stress

Here is one domain where hypnosis does excel, and can bring some lasting improvement for anyone, and for cancer patients in particular. Anybody who’s been sucked in the hyper-medicalisation that goes with a cancer diagnosis knows how much stress and anxiety is forced upon us in that situation. The use of hypnosis for anxiety and stress doesn’t need introduction and has been well-researched.

Consequences of lowering stress and anxiety are far reaching for general health and in cancer care in particular. Did you know that managing stress will potentially help you:

  • Improve your sleep
  • Normalise your blood sugar
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Manage your hormones

hypnosis for cancer pain control

Hypnotic pain control in cancer care

The treatment of cancer can be painful, and sometimes the disease itself is. So much so that for some, even the hospital pain relievers are of little help. And the pain is very real. But until the pain signal reaches the brain, it is only an electrical signal. This signal then gets interpreted in the brain as pain. The pain response is a very important and healthy behaviour of our brain, it is necessary to our survival as a species and as individuals. If you have a low pain threshold (meaning a little discomfort easily feels painful), you have better odds to survive.

Unfortunately, in the context of a medical treatment such as chemotherapy, which is not natural, pain gets in the way of our healing. Hypnosis has a very long and successful track record at lowering pain by reprogramming the brain to increase the pain threshold. 

This is such an important subject that I have a 3-sessions hypnotic pain relief programme


hypnosis for cancer nausea and vomitting

Managing nausea

When going through chemotherapy, you are essentially injected with a poison. This is normally a necessary evil, required to address the cancer itself. Unfortunately, nausea or vomiting are common consequences of chemotherapy, and this means that many patients will either lose appetite or not be able to digest their food. And from there, it is easy to fall into cachexia and have one’s body wasting away.

Nausea is similar to pain in the sense that this is a signal that gets interpreted in the brain, and therefore hypnosis can be very powerful here too. In fact, the hypnotic treatment of nausea is very similar to that of pain. Vomiting is normally a consequence of the nausea, so it gets relief at the same time. When free from nausea, a cancer patient will be able to start nutritional therapy and rebuild his or her strength faster, so this tool should be again considered as a high-priority 


hypnosis for sleep and insomnia

Better sleep and relief from fatigue

Sleep disorders, such as difficulty falling asleep, problems maintaining sleep, early awakening, and excessive daytime sleepiness, are prevalent in patients with cancer. All of those symptoms again can be addressed under hypnosis, because falling asleep is not a conscious act.

In fact, it something that happens to you only once you let go of your hold on any form of control. Conversely, most of us have experience “trying” to fall asleep and therefore staying up all night.

Fatigue is normally a consequence of not sleeping well, but can also have other deeper causes such as emotional stress.


hypnosis for weight management

Weight Management

Whether you want to keep the weight or shave it off, weight management is a frequent concern with cancer patients.

And I am here to tell you, there is no magic smoothie potion, no silver bullet, no miracle diet. Because sometimes, counting calories just doesn’t work. Because you’re special. You are as unique from the inside as you are from the outside. And what may have worked for somebody else may not be the right solution for you.

For some people, stress will be the determinant factor, for others, it will be messed-up hormones, or a runaway inflammation, or a distressed intestinal system. Some find relief after changing their sleep patterns, while others still have to look into the past before improving the present. And even if calories were an issue, eating, like most other human behaviours, is in great part unconscious.

Hypnosis can help with all of the above, and in some cases a more advanced nutritional therapy intervention may be required.


hypnosis against bad habits - smoking, drinking alcohol, over-eating, sugar, sedentarism

Gain control over unhealthy habits

It is estimated that the majority of cancers are due to lifestyle and environmental factors – among which smoking, alcohol, over-eating, sugar addiction and insufficient exercise have a prominent place. The voluntary control over those habits is generally poor and some people have persisted in their addiction right in the face of death.

Do not let this be you! hypnosis is an ideal therapy for uncontrolled unhealthy habits. Regain your freedom today!


What does it feel like?

Everyone responds differently. In most cases, your mind will be active and alert. You will hear everything I’m saying and remember as much of it as you would from a normal discussion. You may feel very relaxed as if you are sinking into the chair, or very light as if floating in the air. You may feel totally dissociated, or you may feel that today you are… just sitting in a chair. Your mind may wander, or it maybe will be entirely focused. Whatever you end up doing and feeling will be correct.

In-person hypnosis with an experienced practitioner is very different to listening to an audio file and should yield much more powerful results. This is because the hypnotist can guide you dynamically in your own trance towards the correct depth where you are able to leverage the power of your unconscious mind and make the changes that you desire.

About me

Your Therapist & Health Coach

Hi! I’m Hervé, your therapist and health coach. All the therapies I practice have been backed by academic research, and, to the best of my understanding, are coherent with our wider body of scientific knowledge.

I am a nutritionist, medical hypnotist, massage therapist and health coach. I studied with the Nutritional Therapy Association, the International Certification Board in Clinical Hypnotherapy, the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy and the Middlesex School of Complementary Medicine.

I am married, father of two young boys. I have always had a passion for helping, and had several roles as volunteer, from the streets of Manila to the cancer wards of UK hospitals.

I initially trained as a physicist and spent almost 15 years of my life working alongside researchers in various domains of academia, including chemists and biologists. But after losing several members of my family to cancer, I decided to use my passion for complementary therapies to come and join the fight.

I practice in North-West London (Northwood), but I am available for you online wherever you are.

What my clients say

22:18 19 Jan 19
I consulted Hevre during a low point. He was meticulous and professional and at the same time is kind and he listens. He covered a large area – nutrition, health and of course, his forte – the mental/emotional issues behind health problems. I certainly felt quite better after that. I need to do a few more sessions with him to get full benefit of his skills.read more
Shelagh Szulc
Shelagh Szulc
20:12 28 Dec 18
Herve was realky professional. He took a really thorough history and adjusted the massage to suit. I found it really relaxing.read more
Lisa Davies
Lisa Davies
15:56 03 May 18
Herve delivered beyond my expectations and I’ve noticed so many changes since my session and that was just a week ago. I look forward to seeing Herve again with any other areas I want to focus and achieve on.read more
19:40 02 May 18
I highly recommended..Awesome service 👍
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The fine print

  • Online clients: you will need to have internet access, a free video conferencing software (either Zoom or Skype), a webcam or the camera of your phone/tablet/laptop (hands-free so you won’t drop your phone during hypnosis). You will need to be sitting comfortably and schedule a time free of distractions (such as TV, children or pets).
  • Under 18 years old: I can work with you at the condition that your parents or legal guardians are present during the sessions and visible on the camera.
  • Whilst I can work with a wide range of medical conditions, from back pain, to migraines, to cancer pain, to unexplained pains, and anything in-between, there are however a few contraindications which may restrict or prevent treatment. Contraindications may include schizophrenia, psychosis and psychotic disorders.
  • In some cases, the pain signals your body sends you may be an important feedback of something that needs to be addressed, in which case you may need to choose to have an official medical diagnosis first.
  • On the day of treatment, make sure you are sober. Hypnosis does not work so well for people under the influence of alcohol as they struggle to concentrate.
  • I will work with you wherever you are in the world, however, bear in mind we may be in different time zones and I work no later than 10pm GMT & no earlier than 7am GMT.
  • Results are only indicative of those who have provided feedback – it is not predictive of the outcome of future individual sessions.

that’s it!

Conquer your Peace

What this is not

  • This is NOT a pre-recorded session. I work with you and with your own situation
  • This is NOT me reading a script at you. I am trained in the neo-Ericksonian school, and have a more modern and flexible approach to hypnosis.
  • This is NOT guided meditation. Although both have common elements, hypnosis is more efficient as the trance is deeper.
  • This is NOT an alternative to mainstream oncology. I work beside, before, after, during or in-between conventional therapy and pay the utmost attention not to advise something that would be counter-productive with your current treatment

Talk to me

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Legal Notice

Since the cancer act 1939, it is illegal in the UK to advertise about “offering to treat any person for cancer, or to prescribe any remedy therefor, or to give any advice in connection with the treatment thereof”.

Therefore, and although I work with cancer patients to remedy some of their symptoms as explained on this website, I need to make it clear that in no circumstances will I advise you to abandon any treatment you are currently receiving, nor will I say that I diagnose, treat or cure cancer.