Eat to Beat Cancer

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A 5-weeks nutritional therapy and coaching programme based on a modified ketogenic diet, which will help you:

  • Fight cancer from inside
  • Enhance your recovery
  • Improve your energy levels
  • Manage your weight
Nutritional Therapy for Cancer

Free Consultation

Get Personalised Help

Because everyone is different, together we will:

  • Assess your nutritional status: including a 1h nutrition and health questionnaire for me to get an accurate picture of your personal situation.
  • Kick-start your healing with nutrition & lifestyle: go through and discuss how to apply simple guidelines for any cancer conditions
  • Clean-up your pantry: we will go through the typical foods you buy, what’s sitting in your cupboard, foods that may be toxic or aggravating, those that you shouldn’t get based on your own situation, and which one to get more of.
  • Design a personalised action plan: taking you from where you are. We will aim to progress in smaller manageable steps. One victory at a time.
  • Coach your food choices: get frequent feedback on your food choices throughout the duration of the programme.
  • Choose real food and supplements: my priority is to always to go first with the food. And by “real food” I mean that which has not been adulterated through heavy processing. No shake, no smoothie, no protein powder or meal replacements. Then we may have some supplements to speed up success depending on your status.
  • I will be there for you: all the sessions are one-to-one with me. For the duration of the programme, I will be available by email, phone or instant messages to ease you through the process.

Disclaimer: for legal reasons, I cannot and will not say that I can cure your cancer. Under no circumstances will I advise you to abandon any treatment you are currently receiving.


100% Satisfaction & Money Back Guarantees

I know you will be pleased with my services, and so I am happy to offer you this powerful guarantee: if at any time you feel this is not for you, I will refund 100% of the sessions not taken, at the rate of £90 per session, up to the maximum of the value of the whole programme. No time limit on this guarantee.

Available online or in-person

About me

Your Therapist & Health Coach

Hi! I’m Hervé, your therapist and health coach. All the therapies I practice have been backed by academic research, and, to the best of my understanding, are coherent with our wider body of scientific knowledge.

I am a nutritionist, medical hypnotist, massage therapist and health coach. I studied with the Nutritional Therapy Association, the International Certification Board in Clinical Hypnotherapy, the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy and the Middlesex School of Complementary Medicine.

I am married, father of two young boys. I have always had a passion for helping, and had several roles as volunteer, from the streets of Manila to the cancer wards of UK hospitals.

I initially trained as a physicist and spent almost 15 years of my life working alongside researchers in various domains of academia, including chemists and biologists. But after losing several members of my family to cancer, I decided to use my passion for complementary therapies to come and join the fight.

I practice in North-West London (Northwood), but I am available for you online wherever you are.


Keto for Cancer

Therapies, which lower blood glucose levels while elevating ketone body levels, could be an effective non-toxic therapy for increasing progression free survival in patients with malignant brain tumors.

Metabolic management of glioblastoma multiforme using standard therapy together with a restricted ketogenic diet: Case Report. Zuccoli et al;

Keto for cancer

Within 7 days of initiating the ketogenic diet, blood glucose levels declined to low-normal levels and blood ketones were elevated twenty to thirty fold. Results of PET scans indicated a 21.8% average decrease in glucose uptake at the tumor site in both subjects. One patient exhibited significant clinical improvements in mood and new skill development during the study. She continued the ketogenic diet for an additional twelve months, remaining free of disease progression.

Effects of a ketogenic diet on tumor metabolism and nutritional status in pediatric oncology patients: two case reports. Nebeling & al.

Ketogenic cancer diet

Ketogenic diets may act as an adjuvant cancer therapy by two different mechanisms that both increase the oxidative stress inside cancer cells. […] Preliminary reports indicate that patients who were able to continue the ketogenic diet therapy for over 3 months showed improvement with a stable physical condition, tumor shrinkage, or slowed growth

Ketogenic diets as an adjuvant cancer therapy: History and potential mechanism, Bryan G.Allen & al,


What my clients say

22:18 19 Jan 19
I consulted Hevre during a low point. He was meticulous and professional and at the same time is kind and he listens. He covered a large area – nutrition, health and of course, his forte – the mental/emotional issues behind health problems. I certainly felt quite better after that. I need to do a few more sessions with him to get full benefit of his more
Shelagh Szulc
Shelagh Szulc
20:12 28 Dec 18
Herve was realky professional. He took a really thorough history and adjusted the massage to suit. I found it really more
Lisa Davies
Lisa Davies
15:56 03 May 18
Herve delivered beyond my expectations and I’ve noticed so many changes since my session and that was just a week ago. I look forward to seeing Herve again with any other areas I want to focus and achieve more
19:40 02 May 18
I highly recommended..Awesome service 👍
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What this is not

  • This is NOT a pre-recorded course. I work with you and with your own situation
  • This is NOT Gerson therapy. I practice science-backed nutrition and my therapies have been the object of academic research for a long time, and, to the best of my understanding, are coherent with our wider body of scientific knowledge.
  • This is NOT an advocacy for veganism, vegetarianism, carnivorism, crudivorism, macrobiotism, low-fat-ism or any other form of dietary orthodoxy. I work with and respect your choices.
  • This is NOT a “detox” programme. I am not a “smoothie guy”. I believe, and I have evidence to back it, that a balanced diet, especially for cancer patients should represent our true omnivorous nature. However, if you feel you need to have a vegan approach, we work within your requirements.
  • This is NOT a “pill pushing” programme. I am not working for any vitamin, shake or meal replacement manufacturers. I do not do marketing of affiliate link with any manufacturers of the above. If we identify your need for a particular supplement, it will be up to you which manufacturer you want to use.
  • This is NOT an alternative to mainstream oncology. I work beside, before, after, or in-between conventional treatments and pay the utmost attention not to advise something that would be counter-productive with your current treatment. This is NOT a cancer cure.

My approach to nutritional therapy

Have you got this feeling that what you eat or not eat may be beneficial to your health and help your cancer treatment be more effective?

Yes you are totally right…

And maybe you have started to look around, trying to find out the best nutritional advice for cancer patients. This is where it gets confusing. There is so much advice being thrown around everywhere, in every direction, and often what we hear sound contradictory to what someone else may have said.

This is because one very important thing is being ignored: you are unique, with your own set of personal circumstances. You are not just a cancer patient. You are a wonderful individual, with your own history, your own biology, your own genes. And the nutritional advice for the young champion at the gym may not be applicable for you.

Nutritional therapy is an evidence-based personalised approach where the therapist will assess the food habits, health and symptoms of the client, establish the priorities, offer a plan of action, and follow it up with the client.

It is quite natural to want to know what to expect when seeking the help of a nutritionist. I have seen practitioners acting as marketing agents for pills and shake companies, other having a rigid and almost ideological stance that only one kind of diet should be recommended, and other still that only act as information dispensers without considering the situation of their clients.

This is not me. I will work with you all the way through and beyond, and together we will find the solution that works best for you and your body – that doesn’t mean I’ll only tell you what you want to hear though!

cancer nutrition

When it comes to nutrition, my approach is both integrative and ancestral. Integrative medicine seeks to restore health by understanding your own unique set of circumstances. Through personalised care, the integrative approach to therapy goes beyond the treatment of symptoms to address the deeper causes of illness, and focuses on non-invasive treatments whenever possible.

Ancestral health is an approach to healthcare that recognises humans as the product of over two million years of evolution, and that they are designed by nature for a certain environment. The path to perfect health needs to acknowledge our genetic heritage and offer it the opportunity to express its full potential.

All of the therapies that I practice have been the subject of extensive academic research, and, to the best of my understanding, are coherent with our wider body of scientific knowledge.

Ketogenic Diet for Cancer

There is currently a huge scientific interest in the application of the ketogenic diet for cancer patients’ well-being and complementary healing. The ketogenic diet is a key consideration of this programme. However:

  • going straight for a ketogenic diet without considering your current circumstances may be counter-productive
  • we may need to work on other aspects first
  • all ketogenic diets aren’t equals
  • staying on it indefinitely may not be optimal

The ketogenic diet has been around for a very long time. It’s been formally described in medical circles for about a hundred year, as a way to treat epileptic patients when everything else failed. But the reality is that it has been with us since we’ve been human, and perhaps even longer. Think of our hunter-gatherers ancestors, facing winter. Now think of what food could they get out of the snowy forests, when the ground is frozen, the fruits and leaves are gone… think of early human tribes who had a nomadic lifestyle, and managed to colonise the whole world, how would they quickly adapt to a new landscape where all the plants are different…

That’s right, our ancestors would have had to resort to fasting or hunting during those times. And this is the ketogenic diet in a nutshell.
Obviously, we have now studied this diet for decades, and we know how to apply this style of eating depending on your own circumstances. Because everybody is different, and because improperly used, such a radical diet can have very adverse consequences.


Legal Notice

Since the cancer act 1939, it is illegal in the UK to advertise about “offering to treat any person for cancer, or to prescribe any remedy therefor, or to give any advice in connection with the treatment thereof”.

Therefore, and although I work with cancer patients to remedy some of their symptoms as explained on this website, I need to make it clear that in no circumstances will I advise you to abandon any treatment you are currently receiving, nor will I say that I diagnose, treat or cure cancer.

This programme is not a substitute for medical diagnosis, assessment or treatment. Prior diagnosis by a medical professional may be required, and in some cases proof of treatment may be requested. Results are only indicative of those who have provided feedback – it is not predictive of the outcome of future individual sessions.